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OUR Menu


Punjabi Nach-Ho

Layer of papri and mutiah smothered in TGK mine meat topped with guacamole, cheese, chutney and garnish.


Small plates

Maharaja Samosa Chaat

An individual samosa smothered in TGK mince meat topped with chutney and garnish.


Kanwar Samosa Chaat

An individual samosa in white chickpeas and topped with a chutney and garnish.


Fritters of Desire

Moreish heaven, a plate of pakoras made of aubergine, potato, onion, spinach, red onion, Feta, Paneer, Halloumi, gram flour, blend of aromatic spices brought together to make the perfect fritter. Served with chutney.



Succulent chunks of marinated chicken thigh tossed in gram flour herbs and fried served with a salsa chutney



Please ask for specials created using seasonal produce

The Goat King Special

Our signature dish, made of slow-cooked pulled goat curry served on and off the bone. Flavored with aromatic spices and herbs to enrich the meat and marrow to succulent perfection. Served with rice and soft, fluffy fritters


Ajari Pie

The Shepherd Pie you wish you had eaten eariler in your life. The TGK mine base cooked in flavour enchancing spices, topped with a roasted sweet potato mash and melted cheese.



Boneless meat chunks


Sholay Bhaturai

Authentic Punjabi masala blend, shaley, served with soft, fluffy bhaturas alongside a side of pickle, raita, and cherry tomato, red onion salad.


Goat Chops

Marinated Goat Chops, grilled accompanied with roasted military potatoes and peppers



Selection of freshly baked desserts, sweets and treats

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